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A lot of people wonder why VideoPad Video Editor and Movie Maker Free are not an application available for download. The main reason is because it's from a developer who is not famous in the Windows Application market. This makes it a little hard to find. One of the best places you can look is in the XoftSpy and Spyware Search Engine. This will help you get a general idea about the type of program and how well it works. It will also give you a general feel about its reliability.

If you do find it on the web it will show you a page telling you VideoPad Video Editor and Movie Maker Free is not available for download. That's a pretty big red flag. Maybe they aren't used to the internet and they only think that if you download the free version you are off the hook. You'll know that this is the way that the system is when you see the link to pay for it. You can go in search of the paid version of the application, if that's your preference.

A lot of other critics also question the authenticity of the developer of VideoPad Video Editor and Movie Maker Free, they say it's just a scam. Other complaints have come from the paid version of the application which had been pirated by unauthorised users. Another thing they have complained about is the fact that this application has no trial version, this is something that you would expect to find with most freeware applications.

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